We pack 12 modules into 10 days to get you up and going on your trading. We will take you from no knowledge at all to being able to find the best stock to trade. Not everyone wants a long, drawn out course these days, so we make this exactly what you need.

Miss a day of Boot Camp?  No problem.  You will receive the recording of the Boot Camp in its entirety to watch when you are able.

What you get:

First of all, you get live interaction!  Ask questions, get answers.  But then:

  • Learn how to find the best stocks to invest in.  It isn’t always the stocks in the news for a temporary moment, and certainly NOT a stock tip from a friend.
  • Running your stocks through a specific filter to make sure you have the perfect trading candidate.
  • Charting, charting, charting!  You will have a very good understanding of where your stocks and the markets as a whole are heading.  No guessing.
  • Economic indicators.  The news that can effect the markets.
  • Understanding how stock options work and how you can really leverage your money trading them.
  • Placing your trades.
  • How to trade in an up, down or sideways market.

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