Let me introduce myself.  My name is Shannon and I am a recently retired homeschooling mom.  In 2003, I left my then job to have our two wonderful kids.  My husband and I had been married for 10 years and felt that I could leave work to stay home with the kids, that we would be fine on just his income; and we definitely were.  He has always had an excellent paying job.  I loved being able to be home with the kids, it was wonderful!  But, I am a pretty restless person.  I don’t sit still well at all.  I find this a blessing, not a curse.  I needed to find something that I could do from home that made me some money and kept me busy.  Yes, I was busy with 2 little ones….but, again, busy is good for me.  My husband was looking into investing in real estate as well at that time and was always looking at different strategies and happened upon something he thought would be great for me – learning to trade stocks and options.  He knew that since I am pretty analytical it would be right up my ally.  My husband continued to pursue real estate investing, which he was very successful doing while I learned how to trade stocks and options.  Mind you, I had ZERO experience in the stock market.  I am always up for a challenge.  I had an excellent coach.  I learned so much, so many good details and by the time I had it mastered I was doing really well investing.  I loved it!  I actually had one year that I was able to make nearly $200,000 on my own.  


I decided to coach people on trading stocks and options on my own and had a lot of students.  Some, even in other countries.  I really enjoyed the people I got to know and also enjoyed their successes.  My goal and focus was to make learning to trade very easy.  I know when I started that I was a bit intimidated learning about the stock market and at first it was easy to nod like you knew what people were talking about, and then had to Google up what exactly was said.  I’m not afraid to admit it.


Fast forward a few years and we had decided to online school for our kids.  Online school is so much fancier sounding than homeschooling.  I took a break from coaching and trading to focus on that, but our kids are now in traditional schools.  They were ready to go, and it felt right.  So, now it is time to jump back into something I really enjoy doing.  
My focus for this course is to make it very understandable for anyone to grasp.  Sometimes, being a stay at home mom, or a single mom tired of working 3 jobs would like to have an income that doesn’t come from miscellaneous jobs that don’t generate much, or they aren’t up for a multi-level marketing type company.  Don’t get me wrong, MLM’s work great for some people, but not all.  Sometimes it can be a senior, who is looking to supplement their retirement, or a veteran who is unable to work in the regular workforce.  Or, anyone who is looking to make money, while being their own boss, from home or anywhere on the planet.  These are the types of people I am looking to help.  I am a very conservative trader who truly likes to keep something simple, for real.  I don’t have a bunch of complicated strategies.  No butterfly spreads or iron condors here.  I also do NOT encourage borrowing money from your broker to trade (trading on a margin).  Oh, also, you won’t find pictures of me with stacks and stacks of money on a jet. That is crazy.  I take care of my students and make sure they are equipped with the knowledge they need to make their best trading decisions.  So, let’s get our learning on!!